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Carniny Primary School, 61 Old Cullybackey Road, Ballymena

P7 Titanic Coding

14th Nov 2019

What a brilliant day in P7! The Nerve Centre were back and this time we were coding about our Next term’s topic, The Titanic.

The nerve centre had used an app called Tinker CAD to design a scale Model of the Titanic. This model was  cut out in flat 2D sections using a laser cutter as a net to build it. The Children then had to use computational thinking and problem solving skills to build the cardboard model. Ice bergs were built in a similar manner.

The Models were then used in an interactive Coding activity. A tin foil “sensor” was then attached to a wire and added into a Raspberry Pie Computer. When the tinfoil sensors on the titanic and the ice berg touched it caused a “crashing” sound and a message to display on the screen with the time and date theTitanic sank in real life. This was all in front of a green screen which mate the screen look as if it was happening in real life!

Whilst this was all happening, we used a 3D printer to print 1:1000 scale models of the Titanic as well.

Thanks so much to Rachel, Paul and Paul from the Nerve. Such an interactive, fun and practical day. Coding is great!