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Accelerated Reader- Prize Winners/Total Words/ New Millionaires

25th Jun 2020

A Massive congratulations to all pupils … 

In 2019/20 Carniny pupils' total Word Count-


(this was nearly 3 million words better than last year!)


Accelerated Reader Achievers- End of Year Review (25.6.20)

** Rewards will be distributed on the children's return to school**

P3/4- Leo Andrews, James Burns, Jacob Ormerod

X2- Adam Rock, Daniel Speers

P4- Mason Dunlop, Jennifer Geddis, Joshua Toner, Jayden Simpson, Caleb Heaney, Jayden Hunter, Jessica Robinson, Jack O’Rourke 

X2- Grace Irwin, Mason McNeill, Harry Sittlington 

X3- Mollie McBride, Ethan Scott, Isla Shields 

X4- Meadow Barr, Jessica Little 

X6- Joshua McDonald 

X10- Ben Coulter, Callie Gregg, Georgia Kitson 

P5- Grace Alexander, Lucy Black, Jack Brown, Jack Hosseini, Ibby McConnell, Camryn Service, Alanna Sutters, Matthew Wilson, Emma Wylie

P5/6- Carter Adams, Robin Andrews, Lucy Cubitt, Bailie Dowds, Oliver Gormley, Evie McWhirter, Tom Sittlington, Lukas Stephan, Scott Turtle, Sam Speers

X2- Ronan Carr, Emma Carroll

X3- Zara Cumming

X4- Tom Bailie

P6/7- Ellen Dickson, Jamie Gregg, Robert McCluney, Lucy Burns, Evie Hill, Emily Legg, Brooke Lester, Dylan McClelland, Anna McCorriston, Evan Nestor, Leah Rock, Joshua Shields

X2- Sophia Stephan, Chloe Allenby, Josiah Ormerod, Emily Ford, Harry Stirling

X3- Ella Lutton, McCauley Shields

X4- Jude McConnell, Ellie Kitson

P7- Abigail Cairns, Lois Gamble, Matthew McDonald, Harvey Wilkinson, Billy Wylie


End of Year Millionaire List (new millionaires in bold with photo attached)

P4- Georgia Kitson, Callie Gregg, Ben Coulter

P5/6- Tom Bailie, Ronan Carr, Zara Cumming, Evie McWhirter, Penny Shaw, Bailie Dowds

P6/7- Jude McConnell, Ellie Kitson, Ella Lutton, McCauley Shields, Chloe Allenby, Robert McCluney, Harry Stirling, Sophia Stephan, Josiah Ormerod, Jamie Gregg, Leah Rock, Lucy Burns

P7- Harvey Wilkinson, Lois Gamble


An excellent year of reading in Carniny PS.  You should be very proud of your efforts as we certainly are.

Many thanks to all parents who have assisted in the 12 weeks of Home Learning (are you the reason behind beating last years Word Count total)?

Have a fun filled and relaxing summer

Warmest regards

Mr Fisher